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Why Harcourts Warragul Property Management?


We are specialists in Property Management, with dedicated, caring professionals.


  • Our Property Managersunderstand how the market will impact your investment and how to improve the yield from your property.
  • Our local knowledge is backed by our global strength.
  • A company wide focus on the delivery of exceptional customer service.
  • Our Harcourts Academy researches and provides expert training and coaching for our Property Managers who continue to remain at the forefront of Property Management legislative changes.
  • We accelerate the renting of your property to the right tenant through our focussed marketing and tenant screening procedures.
  • We guarantee that we will proactively communicatewith you on all matters relating to your property.
  • We offer a wide range of value added services to further enhance your investment.


Your specific goals and objectives are our primary consideration in the management of your property. Our Property Managers understand how the market impacts on your investment and will work with you to improve the yield from your property.

We relieve any potential stress from owning an investment property, we remain current with legislation and market drivers that effect your real estate investment.

If you would like any further information or if you would like to speak with one of our Property Managers please feel free to call us on 03 5622 3333.
Presentation of your investment property

At Harcourts Warragul we are all about setting the standard from day one and there is no better way to achieve this than to have our landlord's on board, so they can see firsthand the benefits of having a well-presented property.

Every Landlord wants a great tenant, and there are many ways that you can help to achieve this result by following the simple steps below:

  • Ensure the gardens are neat and tidy, lawns mown and edging done. Remember this is the first thing tenants see when they arrive for the inspection.
  • Ensure the home is free from cobwebs, dust and debris.
  • Remove any unnecessary furniture that may be making the rooms feel small. Tenants are looking for open usable spaces.
  • Remove any clutter that may have accumulated over the week, especially from the kitchen and living areas.
  • A fresh scent throughout the home is always great, especially if it has been locked up for a couple of days.
  • Open blinds to allow the natural light to come through.

Setting this high standard from the beginning will ensure your tenant is aware of what is expected of them.


Quality Tenant selection

We understand that finding a tenant is a stressful time for most, and we are here to help make this process a stress-free experience. From the first time we meet tenants, right through to the application process, we will keep you informed.

Prospective tenants are required to provide details of where they are currently living and where they were previously, also current and previous employment along with two personal references and 100 points of ID upon applying for a property.

When presenting the application to you, we will run through all the details and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

You, as the landlord, are then able to make the decision on accepting the application.

We would like to give you this opportunity as it is important that you are comofrtable with the tenants that will call your investment property home.


Condition Reports

At the beginning of each new tenancy, the property manager will complete a comprehensive condition report with photos documented of the property. The condition report plays a cruicial part during the tenancy, it will be used at the time of vacate at the final inspection - taking into account fair wear and tear.


Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are conducted twice a year and you will receive a fully detailed report with photographs attached. By using extensive technology as part of the Property management department, this ensures our team is always able to report on your home and directly send you the reports that you require from the property. The first routine inspection will be conducted after three months of the commencement of the tenancy and every six months following this. We encourage our landlords to attend with us to check over the home as we believe it is important for you to visually inspect the home occasionally at least, especially the first inspection. However if you are unable to attend, you will be comforted knowing the detailed report and photos will be emailed or posted to you directly following the routine.


Risk Management

At Harcourts Warragul, we strive to ensure your investment property is secure at all times and to help you with this we offer three major services:


Landlord Insurance

If you have an investment property, this is a must have. Do your research and make sure that the policy you select will cover you for everything that you may need. Be mindful, there are two types of Landlord Insurance, protection insurance and building insurance. These types of insurances cover you for different items, so it is important to know the difference. Your building insurance is for structural items and protection insurance will cover you for the rent and accidental damages.


Smoke Alarm Servicing

We have teamed up with Smart House Fire Solutions to provide our Landlord's with a service that goes hand in hand with your Landlord Insurance. This company will take care of servicing of the smoke alarms every twelve months and provide us with a report on this. Their tradesman will also be kept up to date with any legislation changes in relation to positioning of the alarms around the home to ensure you and your tenants are adequately protected. Engaging this service gives you the peace of mind that your tenants are safe and that you no longer need to find time to service them yourself.


CO2 testing & Heater Servicing

Harcourts Warragul have teamed up wth local plumbers to provide competetive rates on heater servicing and CO2 testing. Because Carbon Monoxide is undetectable to humans (without specialised equipment), living with it day to day can have a detrimental impact to the occupants health and is also known as the silent killer. Energy Safe Victoria have recommended to have gas heaters serviced, at a minimum of every two years by a professional so they remain in good working order.


Committed to your needs

Harcourts has been assisting people to buy, sell and lease property for over a century. Harcourts Warragul are committed to helping you turn your property dreams into reality. 

When you visit our office in search of your new property manager, our rental department looks to establish your goals and set about achieving them immediately for you. It is their role to listen to what you are looking for in the management of your home and to work with you at all times.



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